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Uganda Single-Serve Cups - Select Coffee Crafters LLC

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Uganda Single-Serve Cups

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12 Single-Serve cups, compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 Machines.

Uganda Coffee 

Uganda is located on an equatorial plateau extending from 3,200 ft in the lowlands up to 16,000 ft at its peaks in the Rwenzoris. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa but ranks second in the continent’s coffee production and seventh on the world stage. Yes, a country the size of Oregon produces more coffee than Kenya or Tanzania. Unlike Kenya or Tanzania, however, coffee estates or plantations are not common in Uganda, accounting for less than 7% of all coffee production. Uganda’s estimated 1.3 smallholder coffee farmers each own, on average, half a hectare of land.

Behind these numbers is a story of a mighty force for change. This is the story of Ugandan coffee: it is a tiny country, with tiny farms, that is making mighty strides through unique specialty coffees and progressive agricultural research programs.